There’s a difference between Search & Twitter-Search – here´s how to find the most relevante tweets

As an advanced Twitter-user you must have tried out Twitter’s advanced search page. Do you still feel like it´s not enough? Here´s five six tips on how to do better, more relevant and deeper searches on Twitter using search operators. All to find the Tweet you’ve been looking for. 


Sentiment analysis is all the rage in social these days. Moving beyond just seeing who is talking about a new smartphone to figuring out who’s loving theirs and who’s bringing it back because it’s not working is the holy grail of social media, and Twitter in particular.

If you want to see how people like their new iPhones, all you’ve got to do is perform a search for the term “iPhone” and add a “:)” to it, like this “iPhone :)”. Alternatively, to see who’s complaining about their app-filled devices just search for “iPhone :(“. It’s not an exact science, but you’ll be able to compare positive and negative sentiment towards any search you do using this method.


If you’re interested in the conversation happening around specific Twitter accounts, you can zero-in using “to:” and “from:” operators. For instance, if you’re searching for tweets that President Obama has sent about the federal debt, you can enter the following search term: “debt from:BarackObama”. Or, if you want to see who’s talking to Mashable about Facebook pages, try searching for “Facebook page to:Mashable”.


Often times, there are simply too many search results when you look for generic terms like “social media”. And that’s where the minus sign comes in. Simply put this sign in front of any words that you don’t want to see show up in your search. So, for example, if you’re searching for social media but you don’t want anything related to LinkedIn, You’d search for “social media -LinkedIn”.

This operator also works for phrases that you want to exclude, as long as those phrases appear directly following the minus sign and are surrounded by quotation marks.


You can use Twitter’s advanced search to find out what people are asking about any topic under the sun. Using a question mark following a search query, such as “Twitter ?”, will show you all of the questions that people are asking about Twitter.

This is especially great for brands using Twitter for customer service. You can perform a quick search for your brand name and include a question mark, and you’ll discover all of your customers who are asking a question about your company.


And lastly, you can filter out (or in), tweets that contain links by using the “filter:” operator. If you want to see all the links that people are sharing on Twitter about infographics, just search for “infographic filter:links”. This will pull up all the most recent tweets that people sent about infographics that point to an external URL. If you want to go the other route, simply put the minus sign in front of “links” like this: “infographic filter:-links”.

The double-edged sword of Twitter is that it can fill up with a lot of junk real fast and Twitter’s tried to mitigate this by enabling a ”Top Tweets” section, but if you want to fine tune your results, you can use the min_retweets: and min_faves: operators to further refine your results. These operators are a bit more hidden than the ones we’re used to, but as anyone who’s combed through search results can tell you, they’re invaluable for separating the wheat from the chaff.
- This search you can also do in Tweetdeck. 
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MAMP Apache won’t start in OS X Yosemite


You’ve started to use OS X Yosemite and even if you do use the official release and not the beta there is some trouble starting Apache with MAMP? The problem do occur using both MAMP (I’m using version and MAMP PRO.

There is a simple solution to the problem:

Navigate to /Applications/MAMP/bin/apache2/bin using Finder (the ”bin” folder will be a shortcut), and rename the file envvars to _envvars - add a underscore to the filename only.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.52.58

Thats it, now start the servers in MAMP or MAMP PRO and you´re good to go.



Facebook news and how to get the reach you want in 2014. Part 1

Have you noticed that your Facebook Pages organic reach is getting lower? Why is that and how should you do to get your news out to your crowd? And what else is new from Facebook?

Its a strategic decision from Facebook to limit the number of people seeing your posts. If less people that already like your page see what you post you will have to promote your post so they no one, or at least less, miss out. By promoting your posts, Facebook earns more money so its not a surprising decision. This post will be divided in two, first one looking at some Facebook news and second post will be on how to increase the Facebook preach for your page.

Lets start by taking a look on what changes Facebook made recently to be up to date.

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Nominated in Website Awards – Awwwards

My new site is nominated for Site of the Day!
There is still four days left for you to give me a vote.You can do it here.


”Awwwards are the awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.” - Awwwards Website

Awwwards is the world’s largest web design awarding body and SocialMediaTopics have been selected to appear amongst some of the globes most beautifully designed websites. Läs mer


Facebook completely changed the guidelines for Facebook competitions

Have you noticed that Facebook completely changed the guidelines for Facebook competitions?
From start companies have violated the rules and guidelines for competitions on Facebook by using “like and share to win” and “like and comment to win” but now they can continue doing this and its allowed. In this post I’ll focus on the new rules and pros and cons using the different types of competitions.

What are the changes to the Facebook Competition Guidelines?
The most important change is that you now can run a competition directly on your Facebook Page Timeline. You do not need to use a application anymore. Many did not even know that competitions on the timeline was no allowed and did it long before the guidelinechanges so you might already have seen timeline competitions and promotions in your newsfeed.

You are now also allowed to use Facebook functionality as a entry to the competition (in most cases).
As an example you can post on your Page timeline:
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